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MFM-CNS Central Monitoring System

Edan MFM-CNS Central Station Software

Is an outstanding application designed for monitoring pregnancy course throughout antepartum and intrapartum periods in a healthcare facility. It allows tracking real-time monitoring information of up to 32 bedside monitors simultaneously. MFM Software is a highly effective multi-functional tool for keeping track of the patients’ condition, managing nurse call alarms, storing data and providing additional diagnosis assistance.

Supported Monitoring Parameters & Diagnose Assistance

MFM-CNS facilitates a real-time fetal and maternal monitoring surveillance including such parameters as FHR, uterine activity via TOCO or IUP, maternal heart rate, SpO2, NIBP, CO2, TEMP and pulse. As the application’s sole purpose is to help and promote efficiency of the workflow for the hospital stuff, MFM-CNS employs measurement results processing function that is able to provide analysis of acceleration, deceleration, long-term variability and short-term variability of FHR.

Data Storage

MFM-CNS application allows information storage that includes keeping track of the patient’s demographics, early visits and doctor’s notes, including monitoring parameters. A user-friendly data management interface helps efficiently organize the patient files. This way the healthcare professionals get an easy, round-the-clock access to as many as 50 000 of well-organized patient profiles.

  • The software provides a network for up to 128 bedside monitors connected via LAN or WLAN.
  • In single-display work mode the system allows information tracking from 32 beside monitors simultaneously and double the amount with two displays.
  • Physiological and technical alarms feature adjustable volume and indicating method.
  • Large Font Display with large, easy-to-see numbers.
  • Supports a high-speed laser printing of waveform and NIBP reviews, alarm reports and trend graphs.
  • Patient’s data is easily accessible at any time via web smart viewer from a PC, Table or even a smart phone.