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Edan SE-1515 ECG

Unique Sampling Box Design

  • Color-coded and separated plug-and-play lead wires
  • One-button workflow with start/stop event marker functionalities
  • Signal quality color-coded LED indicator

18/16/15/12/9 – Lead Resting ECG Test

  • Lead systems for all acuity levels
  • Lead systems for all patient types

Wired/Wireless Stress Test

  • Configurable with PC based software data management
  • 8 inch colour touchscreen
  • Waterproof and durable keyboard
  • Various pheripheral ports for connectivity
  • Exportable in various formats
  • Automatic arrhythmia detection and indication
  • Reliable automatic interpretation with feature description
  • Supports final ECG report edit with electronic signature
  • Optional Stress ECG and Ambulatory ECG
  • Optional wireless 12-lead or wired 18-lead sampling box