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SE-1200 Express Front-1

Edan SE-1200 Express ECG

The SE-1200 Express ECG provides accurate diagnosis with an expanded capabilities through patented technology and efficient workflow


Edan SE-1200 Pro ECG

The SE-1200 Pro enable easy-going workflows. The devices will automatically record ECG once the signals are well sampled and present a timely reminder when the lead wires are misconnected, or the pacemaker is detected.

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Edan SE-1515 ECG

SE-1515 ECG Workstation is PC based software that integrates practical functions – ECG Sampling/Analyzing, Data Management System and ECG Gateway - all in one. This system provides flexible access to diverse applications, improving your clinical
efficiency in all respects

SE-3 (Color) Front-1

Edan SE-3 ECG

The SE-3 is compact a 3-channels ECG device that enables 12-lead simultaneous sampling and displaying with one button operation for a smooth workflow

SE-301 Down-1

Edan SE-301 ECG

The SE-301 is the new generation multi-channel ECG, which incorporates the advanced technologies and innovative design in an extremely compact and lightweight body. It is specifically developed for those who pursue portability without compromising performance, especially in mobile applications, such as ward rounding, emergency room, home visiting, etc.


Edan SA-20 ECG

Being a compact digital recorder, the SA-20 provides continuously ECG and blood pressure monitoring for all-day. With the help of the powerful and intelligent analysis software, potential cardiac disease, hypertension or hypotension could be discovered by an optimized workflow.