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Edan SA-20 ECG

Compact & Ergonomics

  • Smooth edges
  • Compact size
  • IP22 waterproof

Overtime and Overpressure Protection

  • Avoid the accidental hurt during long-time blood pressure monitoring

Event Marker

  • An instant event marker is provided to mark special events on the recorded signals

Holter 2 in 1 Software

  • User-defined workflow
  • Smart QRS template classification and sub-template categorizing
  • Automatic ST elevation /depression analysis
  • Automatic atrial fibrillation/flutter analysis
  • Ambulatory Arterial Stiffness Index (AASI)
  • Pulse Pressure (PP)
  • Day & Night BP profile display with cardiac events


Holter 2-in-1 Recorder SA-20

  • Compact and lightweight (200g)
  • Water-proof and Dust-proof
  • 3/12-lead digital recording
  • Pacemaker detection
  • Wide blood pressure measurement ranges
  • Up to 48 hours recording with two AA battery