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Edan F15 Fetal & Maternal Monitor

F15 Series is the perfect combination of advanced technology and sophisticated algorithm for Obstetrics’ new era, integrating fetal and maternal parameters to support monitoring in all phases.


Edan F6 Fetal & Maternal Monitor

F6 Series attends to the whole delivery process throughout the anterpartum, intrapartum, and postpartum stages, leveling up obstetric care with water birth and telemetry solutions.


Edan F3 Fetal Monitor

F3 is amazingly lightweight and portable, which makes it suitable for outpatient service. It addresses the needs of obstetrical departments in both clinics and hospitals.


Edan SD3 Fetal Doppler

With excellent sensitivity, complete interchangeability, and high durability, the SD3 Series is ideal for routine fetal heart rate detection.


Edan SonoTrax Fetal Doppler

SonoTrax Series ultrasonic pocket dopplers come with super sensitive and high-fidelity sound. They are easy to use, allowing mothers and health care professionals to retrieve a fetal heart rate conveniently.

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MFM-CNS is a comprehensive central nursing system for the obstetric cares. It is an integrated system that covers the entire continuum of obstetric care across the whole pregnancy stage from the first antepartum visit to post-delivery care.