SE-1200 Pro

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Edan SE-1200 Pro ECG

Portable Design

  • Appropriative size and weight lead to a portable design

Built-In Barcode Scanner

The built-in barcode scanner simplifies the patient information input, and reduce the work of maintain the external accessories

Easy Sterilization

  • Configurable with PC based software data management
  • 8 inch colour touchscreen
  • Waterproof and durable keyboard
  • Various pheripheral ports for connectivity
  • Exportable in various formats
  • 8" (SE-1200 Pro) and 10.1" (SE-1201 Pro) high resolution color touch-screen
  • Glass touch panel supports liquid cleaning
  • Color-coded Signal Quality Indication
  • Real-time ectopic heart beat detection with color indication
  • High sampling rate for ECG & pacemaker signals
  • On-Screen Amplification & Measurement
  • ECG Comparison provides a visual demonstration of therapeutic progress
  • Large storage capability
  • USB ports for barcode scanner, keyboard and mouse Optional
  • Built-in Barcode Scanner for SE-1201 Pro
  • Wireless connection to IT systems
  • Bidirectional communication with HIS/EMR/PACs
  • Encrypted Transmission via SFTP and SSL
  • DICOM protocol transmission
  • Multiple report formats