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HPV DNA test is 45% more sensitive than a pap smear

Pap smears are analysed by a cytologist who look for abnormalities in the cells while HPV DNA involves DNA detection rendering it more sensitive.

One time right, no repeat sampling

Evalyn® Brush has been intuitively designed with the user in mind. It is not just a brush, offering built-in features including delicate bristles with the highest sample collection, innovative casing design, insertion indicator wings with rounded edges for comfort and audible clicks for standardisation

Safe, comfortable and reliable

Reliable self-sampling eliminates the need for a physical examination with a doctor, saving time, money and resources for many individuals while allowing users to be confident that their sampling has been done correctly all the while being painless.

Takes down the barriers for regular screening in women

The efficacy of screening is dependent on the participation rate which can vary between 10-80% due to lack of time, fear, embarrassment, discomfort and cultural reasons. Community based screening programs can therefore be improved by offering the option of self-sampling and have been proven effective.

The best self-sampling device for screening of HPV

Studies have been extensively conducted worldwide with participants of >180,000 supporting the use of Evalyn Brush. Every feature has been carefully designed to benefit the user and increase worldwide screening HPV.

  • Comfortable and easy to use sterile self-sampling device
  • Built-in features including defined insertion length, sampling location and collection of cell material to ensure uniformity.
  • Sampling device = sampling container = no extra handling needed
  • The pink cap enables hygienic handling before and after use
  • Samples are shipped dry to eliminate any risk associated with preservative liquids
  • 97% sample adequacy
  • CE Approved

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